Helpful Hints for Getting Your Business Ready for the Holidays

Even if you are a relatively new small business owner, the holiday season can be big for business. Anyone who isn’t out on the streets and window shopping is sitting at home and perusing for products and services in browser windows. If you want to get your part of the holiday shopper boom, you need to make certain that you and your business are prepared.

Check out these helpful hints every small business owner should keep in mind to get ready for the holidays:

  1. What’s happening?: The cash flows where the attention goes. If there is a current product trend and you sell something similar, you need to find a way to market it. Better yet, if you sell that particular trending item, make it prominent in your advertising or store layout.
  2. Stock check: If you have a physical inventory, get stocked up as soon as possible. Nothing can hurt your profits faster than not having anything to sell.
  3. Helping hands: It is pretty uncommon for a business to not require at least one more employee during the holiday rush. If you think you’ll need seasonal helpers, hire them as early as possible to get them accustomed to how your business runs before things get frantic.
  4. Learn from the past: If this is not your first holiday season, take a look at your previous records from that period. Were your hours scheduled appropriately? Was there something you may have missed that you can avoid now? The best tools are those that are tested by time.
  5. Remember the reason for the season: All of the extra traffic is happening because of the holidays, so you should acknowledge that in some way. Festive decorations around your storefront are a great way to let people know that you are friendly, and that you probably have special holiday promotions going on.

6. Staying Out of Trouble

Be sure you are always complying with accepted business practices and sticking to contracts as they are agreed upon and written. Many small business owners make the mistake of losing track of timesheets as hours pick up and inadvertently forget to pay the right amount of overtime to associates.

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